Foreign nationals who were fully vaccinated abroad can now register their vaccine status without applying for a quarantine exemption, health authorities said on Thursday.

“Foreigners who register their first and second shots received abroad can request for a foreign vaccination certificate which will work as a vaccine pass and allow them to receive a third shot (in Korea),” the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency said during a news briefing.

To register, foreign nationals need to visit a local health center with proof of vaccination and identification such as a passport or an Alien Registration Card.

The move comes after weeks of complaints from foreign residents and pressure from several embassies here to revise the policy, labeled by many as discriminatory. While South Korean nationals vaccinated abroad were given access to the vaccine pass here since late October, foreign nationals were not given access to the same process.

The Korea Herald has reported on the issue extensively since late November.

Earlier this week, several embassies including the US, UK, and Australia, issued a joint statement on social media, urging the South Korean government to recognize foreign nationals vaccinated abroad.

The move was soon followed by some EU members including France, Italy, and Ireland, alongside the Delegation of the European Union.