1. Operate trends and performance contents within the TikTok app, and manage content-related indicators.
  2. Continuously identify trends in the app, derive insights through data monitoring, and suggest direction for service optimization.
  3. Plan integrated performance marketing based on in-app trends.
  4. Identify potential trends, plan content within the app, and establish viral strategies outside of the app.


  1. Bachelor's degree or above, minimum 3 years of experience in related work (IT, media industry)
  2. Highly sensitive to various news information and possess wide knowledge in media/performance marketers, content planning experience preferred
  3. Have a keen judgment on various issues and trends and/or have a successful viral marketing campaign showcase
  4. Execute tasks quickly, perform leading tasks, and enable smooth collaboration and communication with team members and other departments.

Seniority level

Employment type

Job function
Strategy/Planning, Analyst, and General Business

IT Services and IT Consulting, Internet Publishing, and Entertainment

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