Tmoney and Cashbee are transportation cards that can be used on public buses and subways in several different metropolitan cities and locations throughout the nation. With this transportation card, travelers can save the hassle of purchasing single journey subway tickets for every ride and enjoy discounts on rides during transfers from one bus to another, one subway line to another, or from bus to subway or vice versa (within a transfer time limit).

Tmoney cards can be divided into a basic Tmoney card, integrated cards, foreigner exclusive cards, customized card, and mobile Tmoney. Tmoney cards can be used as a transportation card as well as a method of payment at affiliated stores. Cashbee card also functions as a transportation card and a method of payment at affiliated shopping centers and convenience stores.


From 2,500 won

Areas of use

Subway- Seoul & Gyeonggi-do (Lines 1-9, Airport Railroad, Shinbundang Line, Uijeongbu LRT, Suin-Bundang Line, Gyeongchun Line, Gyeongui-Jungang Line, Jungang Line, Yongin EverLine, Ui LRT, Gyeonggang Line, Maglev Line, Seohae Line, Gimpo Goldline)

- Incheon (Lines 1-2)

- Daejeon (Line 1)

- Daegu (Lines 1-3)

- Busan (Lines 1-4, Busan-Gimhae Light Rail, Donghaenambu Line)

- Gwangju (Line 1)
Bus- Seoul & Gyeonggi-do (All areas)

- Incheon, Daejeon, Daegu, Ulsan, Gwangju, Busan, Sejong

- Gangwon-do (All areas)

- Chungcheongbuk-do (Chungju, Yeongdong, Cheongju, Okcheon, Danyang, Jecheon, Jincheon, Goesan, Boeun, Eumseong, Jeungpyeong)

- Chungcheongnam-do (Cheonan, Asan, Hongseong, Gongju, Nonsan, Cheongyang, Boryeong, Yeongi, Yesan, Geumsan, Buyeo, Taean, Seosan, Seocheon, Dangjin, Gyeryong)

- Gyeongsangbuk-do (Pohang, Yeongju, Mungyeong, Sangju, Andong, Gumi, Gyeongju, Gimcheon, Uljin, Uiseong, Gyeongsan, Yecheon, Ulleung, Chilgok, Yeongcheon, Cheongdo, Seongju, Goryeong)

- Gyeongsangnam-do (Tongyeong, Geoje, Changwon, Yangsan, Haman, Miryang, Sacheon, Sancheong, Hadong, Changnyeong, Hamyang, Jinju, Goseong, Geochang, Namhae, Hapcheon, Gimhae, Uiryeong)

- Jeollabuk-do (Gunsan, Wanju, Sunchang, Jeonju, Gimje, Imsil, Iksan, Jinan, Gochang, Jeongeup, Buan, Namwon, Muju, Jangsu)

- Jeollanam-do (Yeosu, Mokpo, Gwangyang, Naju, Hwasun, Haenam, Jangseong, Muan, Hampyeong, Damyang, Gurye, Gangjin, Goheung, Boseong, Yeongam, Suncheon, Gokseong, Jangheung, Yeonggwang)

- Jeju-do (All areas)
* Cashbee card is not accepted in certain regions of Gyeongsangnam-do (Hadong, Hapcheon, Hamyang, Geochang, Changnyeong, Goseong, Sancheong, Namhae).
Areas of Use for Transportation Cards

Retail locations

Convenience stores (GS25, CU, 7-Eleven, Ministop, etc.) bearing the Tmoney or Cashbee logo in areas of use listed above.

* Tmoney card can also be purchased from ticket vending and card reload devices inside subway stations within the Seoul metropolitan area.

Reload & refund locations

All retail locations
* Card price and service fee of 500 won are not refundable. Travelers are advised to load their card in small amounts as the refund process for over 50,000 won can be complicated and time-consuming.

How to use

To use the card for public transportation in Seoul, you must tap your card when boarding and getting off buses or entering and exiting subway stations. Transfer discounts are also available, limited to four times a day, within a transfer time limit of 30 minutes (up to 1 hour from 21:00 to 07:00 next day). However, the transfer discount will not apply if you are transferring to the same numbered bus even if it’s within 30 minutes or re-entering the same subway station after exiting.


Upon boarding the bus, place your card on the sensor located at the front of the bus until it beeps. The sensor will display the amount charged on the top and the remaining balance at the bottom. Before getting off the bus, place the transportation card on the sensor located at the rear doors of the bus until it beeps. If you do not tap your card before getting off the bus, you will not be able to benefit from the transfer discount.


Place your card on the sensor located on top of the subway turnstile until it beeps. The sensor will display the amount charged on the top and the remaining balance at the bottom. If you are transferring, the amount charge may appear as “0” (zero). Upon arriving at your destination, tap your card at the sensor on the turnstile again in order to exit.


In a taxi with the Tmoney or Cashbee logo affixed, inform the taxi driver that you want to pay with a transportation card, tap your card on the terminal, and your taxi fare will be automatically paid from your transportation card’s balance. However, please note that this payment method will only work if there is enough balance on your card to pay the full fare.

Seoul Transportation Fare Information (Transportation Card vs. Cash)

Seoul Transportation Fare Information

* Children and teenagers are eligible for discounts only upon registration of their date of birth at the retail location after card purchase. (ID required. Adults who take advantage of youth discount privilege are subject to a fine of 30 times or more of the card price.)

* To use the subway with cash, purchase a single journey ticket from the ticket vending machines. The fare will depend on the final destination, in addition to a 500 won deposit. The deposit can be obtained by returning the card to a Card Refund Deposit machine after exiting at the final station.

* Distances under 10 km by subway cost the base fare, with an additional 100 won charged for each 5 km increment for travel distance 10-50 km, and 100 won additional for each 8 km increment over 50 km.


- Tmoney: (Korean, English)
- Cashbee: (Korean, English, Chinese)