Morgan Advanced Materials is a world leader in advanced materials science and engineering of ceramics, carbon and composites. We operate in a series of well-defined markets where our applications expertise offers our customers a valuable differentiator, engineering high-specification materials, components and sub-assembly parts that solve their challenging technical problems.

The Seals and Bearings business of Morgan Advanced Materials makes high-performance self-lubricating bearing and seal components, predominantly used in pumps, industrial and domestic, or other sealing applications.

We use advanced carbon/graphite, silicon carbide, alumina and zirconia materials to engineer lightweight, low-friction bearings and seals. These materials help solve the problems associated with the use of lubricants in extreme temperatures, corrosive or hygienic environments where access is restricted, and are engineered into products which provide customer-specific solutions.

Group Key Figures: Revenue £910m (2020), ~7,500 employees, manufacturing in 30+ countries, and customers in 100+ countries. A UK PLC with head office located in Windsor, Berkshire UK. Listed on London Stock Exchange; Member of the FTSE 250 Index.

We are planning to hire one process engineer during the recruitment plan in 2021.

New employee will work with the Production Manager(Brad Kim).

This position is included in the budget for recruitment in Q3 2021.

Job Description & Job Purpose

  • Drive business growth through reducing production costs and improving yields
  • VM enhancement through production process review and improvement activities
  • Ensure current products are meeting customer demands
  • Ensure colleagues receive technical support throughout the production process
  • Resolve technical issues for customers and colleagues in a timely manner
  • Implementation of equipment and new production lines (Managing Projects)
  • Design and manufacture bespoke equipment/machinery with a focus on producibility


  • Conduct research on equipment and processes and how these could improve production, quality and overall margin within Morgan
  • Generate and maintain technical documentation for new and existing products
  • Support the design of production lines and production of cost-effective, high quality and high yield products
  • Work with suppliers to develop equipment and create proposals for new developments
  • Maintain up to date knowledge of the customer's needs and trends within the field
  • Communicate with customers regularly to resolve common issues
  • Continuous improvement activities to improve overall site functions and generate savings through scrap reduction, throughput and automation
  • Engage with the EHS manager to develop an understanding of government regulations and how these are applied
  • Drawing reviews with the production and technology team
  • Develop processes/equipment to produce new products within the facility
  • Run new installation projects within the business
  • Conduct site layout reviews and how they are developed to improve the flow The above is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities required. Other duties may be assigned.


Experience & Acquired Knowledge: Required of the role holder?

  • Proficient in English – Can hold a conversation and express technical/analytical results (OPIC & TOEIC)
  • Experience in the practical application of engineering science, including applying engineering principles, techniques, procedures in the design and production of mechanical goods
  • In-Deep knowledge of production process improvement/automation equipment/mechanical knowhow
  • Project management experience in delivering projects on time and within budget
  • High-level understanding of drawings and how to read them
  • EHS experience/activities
  • Four years experience with a company and an engineering degree
  • Basic understanding of the main principles of lean manufacturing

Technology & Systems: What tools does the role holder typically use?

  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software
  • Analytical software
  • Development environment software
  • Microsoft Office

Seniority level
Entry level

Employment type

Job function
Management and Manufacturing

Glass, Ceramics and Concrete Manufacturing

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