Commissioning and introducing a certified customs broker

3/4/2022 5:07:36 AM

- Since an import consignor can directly make an import declaration through the KCS electronic clearance system (UNI-PASS, http://unipass.customs.go.kr), it is not required to commission a certified customs broker.

- When you commission a certified customs broker for import declarations, you have to pay a clearance fee, and the fee is voluntarily determined between the certified customs broker and the import consignor.

- Since public officers cannot directly mediate between or introduce a particular certified customs broker if you are not involved in business with a certified customs broker, the Korea Customs Brokers Association will assist you in finding one.


* Access the Korea Customs Brokers Association website (www.kcba.or.kr 02-547-9714) =>introducing business partners => member directory => search by region

- Seoul branch (phone number: 02-540-7867)

- Busan branch (phone number: 051-988-0011)

- Incheon Airport branch (phone number: 032-742-8443)