Clearance procedure when purchasing medicine (health functional food)

3/4/2022 5:35:11 AM

- As for the international postal items or express cargo, “1) it should be the low-value goods(less than USD 150) that Korean person receives, 2) tax is exempted if the product is recognized as for the self-usage; however, for the product that is imported dividedly, exemption of the tax is not available.

- As for the medicine or the healthy functional (supplemental) food, the standard of the self-approval standard is for 6 bottles (if the medicine is comprised of more than 6 bottles, amount of 3 months dosage) and if it exceeds the scope of clearance with the exemption of tax, it is subject to require confirmation. But, the waiver of requirement confirmation is possible if opinions of the doctor follow as for the health functional product for curing the illness of the patient.

ㅇ In other words, in the case of the health supplemental product, the number of the bottles is restricted; and if numerous bottles are included inside the box, an individual number of the bottles is restricted. Also, the number of the bottles does not matter whether they are free of charge or not.

- Also, if those bottles exceed the number, they can go through customs clearance by dividing them into a restricted number of items (the amount that exceeds are sent back or wasted, etc.) or receiving the required confirmation.

- However, the following items are targets that need requirement confirmation items.

ㅇ Products that include CITES restriction goods (must, etc.)

ㅇ Items that receive non-permission notice of importation or contains toxic ingredients from Korea Food & Drug Administration

ㅇ Products with a vague explanation of the composition of the product in the package

ㅇ In case of the Ephedrin, nor-ephedrine, pseudo-ephedrine, ergotamine, a single medicine that contains ergotamine, (다음 문장이 없음)

ㅇ The above-mentioned items need to meet the import requirements regulated in the legislation stated although it is an item that is in the boundary of tax exemption.