Does any one know where this place is?

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3/21/2022 1:05:34 PM
I want to visit here someday. I just find this photo in the internet.
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3/29/2022 12:09:39 PM
I have no idea
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3/29/2022 12:33:30 PM
Is it donghae city?
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3/29/2022 12:33:45 PM
Or, namhae city?
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3/29/2022 12:56:24 PM
Maybe in Inchoen ?
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3/29/2022 1:18:25 PM
Or East Sea side?
hena chong
4/5/2022 9:31:23 AM
This is temple in Busan, which name is haedong yongkungsa
Ace Verba
6/2/2022 7:43:25 AM
It looks amazing!

It may be far from the modernity of our current era, but it still shows the beauty of the past.
I wish I could come there.
김 장미
6/19/2022 8:54:17 PM
today's works