Types of South Korea Visa (Requirements/Application Process)

Lenuel Morales
3/17/2022 8:26:49 AM

*Due to COVID-19 Restrictions Information on this page is subject to change.

Types of South Korea Visas:

South Korean Visas are divided based on the duration and how many entries in the country they allow:

• Single-entry visa: valid for a single entry up to 90 days.

• Multiple-entries: allowing multiple entries in South Korea for the duration it has been issued.

Depending on why you want to visit South Korea, you can apply for one of the following visas:

• South Korea Tourist Visa:  issued to foreigners who want to travel simply for tourism or recreational purposes.

• South Korea Business Visa: You are eligible for a long-term Business Visa for South Korea if you are a specialist who will work for a public or private organization, intra-company transferee, a specialist in foreign investment, or will work as a manager in a company in South Korea

• South Korea Family Visit Visa: You will stay with a relative in South Korea for more than 90 days, you are a dependent or you are a spouse of a South Korean national.

• South Korea Work Visa: Foreigners eligible for a South Korea Work Visa include professors, foreign language teachers, researchers, and those working in another activity permitted by the Minister of Justice through a contract with a public or private organization or company in South Korea.

• South Korea Student Visa: Foreigners who will enter South Korea to pursue their studies in a Korean educational institution have to apply for a South Korea Student Visa.

• South Korea Working Holiday Visa: The South Korea Working Holiday Visa is available to citizens of countries that have a Working Holiday Agreement with South Korea. The WHV allows the holder to remain in South Korea for up to one year, for the purpose of holidaying, working, or studying.

South Korea Visa Requirements:

When you apply for a South Korea visa, you have to submit several documents to support your application. The South Korea visa requirements change depending on the type of visa you need as well as the country in which you are applying. However, the standard set of documents everyone has to submit includes:

• South Korea Visa Application Form

•  Passport

- valid at least

- have at least two blank pages

• Passport-size picture (3.5cmx4.5cm)

- White background

- taken within the last three months

-must not be wearing glasses

• A return or onward flight ticket

• Proof of sufficient funds to cover the duration of your stay

• Proof of accommodation in South Korea

• Payment of the South Korea visa fee

• For South Korea Student Visa

- Reference Letter

- Letter of Acceptance into the school/university

•  For South Korea Business Visa

- Letter from your employer

- Letter of invitation from the South Korean Company

• You may also have to submit:

- Cover Letter, introducing yourself and stating the reason for which you are traveling

- Trip Itinerary, which details the activities you’ll be doing in South Korea on a daily basis

Any other additional documents that the Embassy or Consulate request, depending on the purpose of your trip

Application Process:

As of April 6, 2020, South Korea currently only offers the option of obtaining a visa through a government diplomatic office, either an embassy or a consulate, as a visa on arrival is not available for the country.

Application from a foreign South Korean diplomatic mission.

• Confirmation of the visa at a South Korean immigration office.