I'm a registered foreigner holding a long-term visa. I want to invite my parents to Korea during my stay to tour around. What should I do?

Millan McMiller
3/2/2022 3:55:59 AM
No name
3/2/2022 3:56:21 AM
To invite your family member for a short-term visit or tour, you can apply for a Short-Term General visa (C-3-1, valid for 3 months, single-entry visa of 90 days-of-stay). The required documents for family invitation are as follows: - Inviter: an original copy of the invitation letter, a photocopy of the identification card. - Family member: visa application form (with a photo being attached), passport (original and photocopy), a photocopy of identification card, documents proving your family relations (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate ), and the purpose of your entry. Depending on the policies of the Korean diplomatic missions, the required documents may vary - so, please check the official website of the mission for more details.