I want to know about the qualifications for the e-Visa application.

Millan McMiller
3/2/2022 3:58:39 AM
No name
3/2/2022 3:58:56 AM
The qualifications for e-Visa application are as follows (as of Nov 2014): - Professor (E-1), Researcher (E-3), Technical instructor/Technician (E-4), Professional (E-5), Foreign National of Special Ability with employment recommendation (GOLD CARD) from the KOTRA or Small and Medium Business Corporation (E-7). Dependent family (F-3) of aforementioned visa applicants. - Foreign medical patient and his/her companions invited by an Outstanding Medical Travel Agency (C-3-3, G-1-10) - Commercial visitor who has entered Korea three times or more after 2012 (C-3-4)