Where to buy things?

3/8/2022 9:52:41 AM

There are many places to buy things in Korea, ranging from neighborhood supermarkets to large-scale department stores, from traditional markets to discount stores. You can purchase whatever you want anywhere at almost anytime.


Neighborhood supermarkets

In Korea, small food stores are also called “supermarkets” or just “super.” They primarily sell groceries such as snacks, ramyon, noodles, vegetables, meat and rice.


Convenience stores

These stores are often open around the clock. They sell some grocery items, as well as books and magazines, at prices a bit higher than supermarkets.


Big discount stores

You can buy clothes, groceries, home appliances and other items. These stores, including E-Mart, HomePlus and LotteMart, are convenient for buying a large number of goods for a good price.


Department Stores

These have many kinds of goods such as clothes, groceries, cosmetics, jewelry, brand-name products, home appliances and furniture of good quality. Prices are rather expensive. From time to time, they hold discount sales.


TV home shopping

It is possible to immediately order products by phone from companies on TV home shopping channels. Books, clothes, shoes, bags, home appliances, computers, cosmetics, insurance, food and all kinds of other things are available.


Internet shopping malls

It is also possible to order all kinds of products online. You should be warned that sometimes the photographs on the sites might be different from the real products, and you need to be careful about giving companies your Resident Registration Card number and credit information.


Traditional Markets

People can buy groceries, including fresh vegetables and fish, clothes and numerous other things in traditional markets. Prices are lower and sometimes you can get additional things for free. These markets include market days in rural areas, small neighborhood open-air markets in Seoul as well as the large markets of Namdaemun (South Gate Market) and Dongdaemun (East Gate Market) in Seoul.