How to get vaccine certificate in Korea

JaeHo Song
3/21/2022 3:19:25 AM

Somebody asked, how to get vaccine certiifcate in Korea after he got second dose.

So, I just called the authority and I found out,

- Foreginers can go to community centre or public health department in your area (where you got the injection) and ask for ceritificate.

It's better to call the office to check if you can get it there before you visit there.

- Or you can download it from nip.kdca.go.kr

To download it from online, you need to able to do self-authenticiation. You can do it if you have a phone number under your name (or accredited ceritificate)

- As I know, you cannot get it from COOV since you don't have resident registration number(which is only available for native Korean).