Part-time employment guide for foreign students

3/8/2022 9:51:40 AM

Foreign students residing in the Republic of Korea are eligible to work part-time under certain conditions.

Foreign students may only engage in part-time jobs (simple labor, etc.) that are generally undertaken by students in Korea.


Business Hours

- Reserving an appointment : Available 24 hours at the Hi Korea website

- Online application : 07:00–22:00 on weekdays (excludes Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Required documents

- Foreign students who wish to work part-time must acquire a part-time job permit issued by a competent immigration authority, after obtaining confirmation from the person in charge of foreign students at their school of study.

- Application (Form No. 34).

- Passport.

- Overseas Korean Resident Card.

- Employment agreement.

- Part-time job permit for foreign students.

- Academic transcript or proof of class attendance (exempt when said information has already been entered into the foreign student information system).

- Document evidencing the student’s proficiency in Korean.

- A copy of Business Registration Certificate.

- When a foreign student who is working part-time changes employment (workplace), all relevant facts must be declared to the competent immigration service by the foreign student or through the person in charge of foreign students at the student’s university within 15 days of the change.

- Part-time job permit for foreign students, documents proving the change of workplace.


Application Process

- In-person (Visit the competent immigration service or branch office)

1. Visit the immigration office or its branch office at the reserved date.

2. Apply.

3. Receive.

4. Process.

- Online (Hi KOREA e-Application) steps:

1. File an e-Application.

2. Attach documents for submission.

3. Submit application.

4. Processing.

5. Confirmation of processing result.