Entry Characteristic Mark

3/4/2022 5:15:07 AM

Entry characteristic mark is a given by a mark management system to identify importers and exporters for customs clearance and to conduct customs clearance properly according to the system of entry characteristic mark.


How to register entry characteristic mark?

- To apply to register entry characteristic mark, the applicant who is exporter (include export shipper and manufacturer) or importer (include import shipper) shall enter the relevant information on the mark application system, or write an application (relevant form among Annex no. 1 through 5 forms) attached with a copy of the representative’s residential registration, corporate registration and its copy, and evidential documents for the proof of facts (changes), such as merger or certificate of closure of business, and then send them to the person in charge of mark management in Customs Management Section of each customs office by visiting or faxing.

Entry characteristic mark is made of “initial four letters of the name of the firm + single digit for the classification of the type of the firm(incorporated or private)+ the first two digits of the year when the firm opened + single digit for the identical classification + two digits on classifying whether it is the head office or a branch + error verification number.”