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Han River & Things to Do at Yeouido Hangang Park in Seoul

Lenuel Morales

When visiting Seoul, it’s hard to miss the Han River, as it flows through the city itself and runs alongside some of the best attractions in Seoul. Han River Park, located on the banks of Han River, actually contains 12 different parks, all part of Yeouido Hangang Park. Exploring Yeouido Hangang Park by bicycle is the best way to enjoy river views, native trees, and manicured gardens in the area.

Han River Park: Introduction to Yeouido Hangang Park


Yeouido Hangang Park is particularly enjoyable during the spring when cherry blossom trees are in bloom. If you visit during the spring, be sure that you attend the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival and enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers as you explore the area on your bike rental.

Yeouido features more than just parks. It is the financial center of Seoul and home to the Korean Stock Exchange. The area is sometimes referred to as the “Manhattan of Seoul,” which means there is always something happening in Han River Park.

Shopping & eco-friendly things to do near Han River Park


Yeouido Hangang has many great outdoor activities. If you love nature and enjoy spending time in parks, then Yeouido Park is a great part of Seoul to visit. Bicycle rental is a very popular activity in the area as Yeouido Hangang Park is easy to bike around, has dedicated bike lanes, and is quite beautiful.

If you’d prefer not to get a bike rental, then you can also opt for renting either inline skates or skateboards. Be sure to bring some identification as it is necessary for renting bikes and other equipment. Also, bring cash because debit and credit cards are not accepted in some areas.

• Yeouido Hangang Park bike rental: There are rental stations for bicycles in several locations around Hangang Park and also in the Yeouido Hangang area. Bicycle rental costs 3,000 won per hour ($2.70 USD) and 500 won ($0.45 USD) per 15 minutes after that. Han river bicycle rentals also are offered for tandem bikes, but these bikes are more expensive to rent.

• 63 Building: Art fans rejoice as not only does this skyscraper have a great art exhibit, but it also is one of the tallest buildings in Seoul. Appreciate some art as you take in the view at 63 Building.

• IFC Mall: When in the area, get some shopping done at this designer mall, or grab a quick bite to eat at one of its many restaurants.

Best places to eat near Yeouido Hangang Park

As Hangang Park is near the financial district of Seoul, there are lots of great dining options on the island. Han River bicycle rentals make it easy to get around, so hop on your bike and get to a great restaurant.

• GREETS GLAD: This all-you-can-eat restaurant offers a variety of food and desserts to fill you up after a day of sightseeing.

• LINA’S (Yeoyido Finance): This restaurant offers a great selection of sandwiches and fresh fare. If you’re looking for a quick, delicious bite to eat, then consider LINA’S.

• 37 Grill: If you’re looking for a great steak, then 37 Grill is your restaurant. Located in the center of the island and high atop a hotel, this restaurant boasts amazing views of the Han River and is only a short walk from Yeouido Hangang Park. Be sure to save room for deserts as you won’t want to miss out on 37 Grill’s amazing selection of treats.

Bars, lounges & nightlife near the Han River Park:

Not only is Yeouido Hangang Park a beautiful place to visit, but it also has some great nightlife and bar options. Once you’re finished exploring Yeouido Hangang Park by bike, why not stop into one of the local bars for a nice, relaxing time?

Walking on the Cloud: Take in a panoramic view of Seoul and the Han River as you enjoy Walking on the Cloud. With fantastic food and drinks, stop in for dinner or grab a seat at the wine or whiskey bars and cap off your day with a drink.

Bar Glenwood: With a great selection of malt whiskey and wines, Bar Glenwood is the perfect way to end your day after exploring Hangang Park on bikes.

Newsboy Burger Pub: Great burgers are only the beginning at Newsboy Burger Pub as this restaurant offers draft beer, amazing pub food, and a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

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