Service Institutions for Foreign Nationals

3/8/2022 10:02:59 AM

Hi Korea

HiKorea is a government on-line service center for foreign nationals. It provides such services as immigration, civil applications, labor, consulting, and information for daily life. It is run in four languages (Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese). Foreign nationals can make appointments to visit the office, get permission for re-entry, and even extend online their period of stay.

Website : www.hikorea.go.kr


Immigration Offices

The most important duties of the Immigration Office are to issue Alien

Registration Cards and permission to stay. It also provides education and

information for immigrants.

Contact: 1345

Website: www.immigration.go.kr


Single Portal Service Providing General Support for Foreign Nationals

Various services are provided, such as re-entry permits, extension of shortterm stay, permission for extension of the period of stay for people with F-1 visas whose parents were born in Korea, permission for extension of stay for a registered foreign national intending to depart Korea in the near future, and documents regarding foreign employees who have left their worksite without

notice as well as other information.

In addition, the service can introduce online business partners to promote investment by foreigners. Public administrative organizations may also share information about foreign nationals.

Website: www.g4f.go.kr


General Information Center for Foreign Nationals

Consulting services are provided for such things as language, daily life and law,

visas and citizenship and many other problems foreigners may have.

Contact: 1345


Foreign Employee Support Center of Korea

A civic organization for helping solve various problems foreign employees may face.

It provides consultation on such topics as unpaid wages, changing jobs, immigration, industrial accidents, medical services and welfare, international marriage, fraud and violence, training in Korean, computers or taekwondo, law and safety, and adjusting to life in Korea.

Contacts: 1644-0644 Sundays (1 pm-7 pm), (02) 6900-8000 Saturdays.

Website: www.migrantok.org


Multi-Cultural Family Support Center

Established to support immigrants with issues of marriage and living in Korea, there are 171 branch offices of the center nationwide. Various services are provided, such as Korean language education for multi-cultural families, information on understanding multi-cultural family culture, family education, consulting, employment, starting up businesses, and translation. It also offers bilingual programs and Korean language courses for children.

Contact: 1577-5432

Website: liveinkorea.mogef.go.kr


Emergency Support Center for Migrant Women

This is an emergency consulting center to be used when female immigrants suffer domestic violence, sexual harassment or forced prostitution, and can be used for immediate protection. It is available around the clock, seven days a week.

Female immigrants can seek help when they face difficulties or need information or assistance with legal problems such as citizenship or visas. Assistance is provided by other female immigrants, who are dedicated consultants, and is now available in 10 languages, including Korean, English,

Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, Mongolian and Tagalog.

Contact: 1577-1366

Website: www.wm1366.or.kr


Multilingual Support Websites

Korea Net - Official website of the Republic of Korea.

- korea.net

KBS World News - Multilingual news, current affairs, culture and TV shows.

- world.kbs.co.kr

Immigrant Broadcasting - Multilingual news, Korean language for everyday use.

- www.mntv.net

Korean Tourism Organization - Information on travel and festivals in Korea.

- www.visitkorea.or.kr