Import Declaration of Livestock Products

3/4/2022 5:29:00 AM

Any person who intends to import livestock products shall report the fact to the Minister for Food and Drug Safety and submit a certificate of livestock products import declaration issued by the Minister for Food and Drug Safety (CALL 1577-1255, www.kfda.go.kr) to the customs at the time of filing an import declaration.


Types of livestock

- Meat (beef and etc.), packaged meat, egg;

- Raw milk (milk and etc.);

- Processed meat products (ham, sausage, seasoned meat, etc.);

- Dairy product (milk for sale, powdered formula, etc.);

- Processed egg products.

Places of Importation Restrictions Animals and animal products taken from animals designated as objects subject to quarantine in accordance with the Act on the Prevention of Contagious Animal Diseases shall report to the head of the Animal Quarantine Agency and undergo an inspection process. (Article 63 of Consolidated Public Notice)


Objects subject to quarantine as prescribed by Article 31 of the Act on the Prevention of Contagious Animal Diseases are as follows:

1. Animals and their carcasses;

2. Products are taken from animals, such as bones, flesh, skin, eggs, hair, hooves and horns, and their containers or packaging;

3. Livestock feed, ingredients of livestock feed, instruments, hay, bedstraw, or things similar thereto at risk of spreading the pathogens of contagious animal diseases.


Regarding objects subject to quarantine, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Notification regulates places of importation restrictions. For further details concerning quarantines of agricultural or livestock products, please contact the Animal Quarantine Agency (Tel: 031-467-1700, 1947) for consultation.