Quarantine Exemption

Lenuel Morales
3/21/2022 7:01:40 AM

*Last Update March 21, 2022

 The Korean sanitary authority has decided that all persons (Regardless of nationality)  fully vaccinated will be exempted from quarantine upon arrival in Korea as of the 21st March (vaccinated in ROK) and April 1st (vaccinated abroad)

*The health policy below is subject to change under pandemic, please be sure to double-check with your jurisdictional  Korean Embassy/consulate before your application/departure. 

1.) You are eligible for the exemption as o the 21st of March if:

• You were vaccinated in Korea as a resident

Your vaccination status is already registered at a local health center in Korea.

2.) You are eligible for the exemption as of the  1st of April if:

• You were fully* vaccinated abroad (outside of Korea) but did not yet register your vaccination information at the Korean sanitary authority. The registration system is still under construction.

*The procedure details will be posted likely on the 22nd of March

*You were vaccinated with one of the vaccines recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization), with 3 doses OR with 2 doses wherein it has been between 14-180 days since the date of the second dose.

*This measure will not be applied to travelers from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Myanmar.

Contact information (If any questions):

Contact Information regarding up-to-date COVID-19 measures (related procedures):

* Your jurisdictional Korean Embassy/ Consulate (Any inquiry regarding COVID-19 measures) 

•  KDCA Consultation Center: https://www.kdca.go.kr/contents.es?mid=a30103000000 

Domestically ☎1339  From overseas +82-2-2633-1339, +82-2-2163-5945 or directly contact your Korean Embassy/Consulate/KVAC for up-to-date information. 

Seoul Metropolitan Government : Dasan Call Center ☎02-120