Useful Korean hotlines incase of medical assistance

3/8/2022 9:41:52 AM


Seoul Migrant Workers Center 02-3672-9472

Seoul Migrant Workers House/Korean Chinese House 02-863-6622

Sungdong Migrant Workers Center 02-2282-7974

Elim Mission Center 02-796-0170

Association for Foreign Migrant Workers Human Rights 02-795-5504

Yongsan Nanum House 02-718-9986

Won Buddism Seoul Foregin Center 02-2699-9943

Migrant Workers Welfare Society in Korea 02-858-4115



Inchon Migrant Workers Center 032-874-3612

Korea Migrant Workers Human Rights Center 032-576-8114


Kyunggi Goyang

Gerbang 031-921-6979

Shalom House for Migrant Workers in Goyang 031-921-5006

Ilsan Korean-Chinese Welfare Mission Center 031-975-5042

Friends of Asia 031-921-7880 (Goyang) 031-942-7882 (Paju)


Kyunggi Buchon

Buchon Migrant Workers House 032-654-0664

Solidarity for Asian Human Rights and Culture 032-684-0245


Kyunggi Sungnam

Sungnam Migrant Workers House/Korean-Chinese House 031-756-2143


Kyunggi Suwon

Suwon Migrant Workers Shelter 031-258-1671

Emmaus 031-257-8501


Kyunggi Shiheung

Jagunjari Migrant Workers Center 031-313-6525


Kyunggi Ansan

Galilea 031-494-8411

Ansan Migrant Shelter 031-492-8785

Ansan Migrant Workers House/Korean-Chinese House 031-495-2288


Kyunggi Anyang

Anyang Migrant Workers' Center 031-443-2876


Kyunggi Yongin

Migrant Workers Human Rights Center under CLC Korea 031-339-9133


Kyunggi Euijungbu

Catholic Uijeongbu Migrant Center 031-878-6926


Kyunggi Pochon

Pocheon Migrant Workers Center 031-532-2025


Kyunggi Gimpo

Gimpo Migrant Workers Center 017-226-7615



Daejeon Migrant Workers Total Support Center 042-631-6242

Asan Migrant Worker's Center 041-541-9112

Cheonan Migrant Workers Center 041-565-5801



Chungbuk Migrant Workers Total Support Center 043-533-6009



Gwnagju Migrant Workers Center 062-971-0078



Mission Center for Migrant Workers in Daegu 053-421-1411