How long will the evaluation take for visa application?

Millan McMiller
3/2/2022 3:59:50 AM
No name
3/2/2022 4:00:03 AM
For the e-Visa, you can check the evaluation results within 3 working days from submission. However, for such cases in which required documents are omitted, submission of additional documents is requested, or an investigation is required, evaluation might take longer than usual and the notice letter will be sent to the applicant or the representative via e-mail or SMS. For the Visas being processed at the Diplomatic Office, you can check for the evaluation result within 5 working days from submission. For the cases which require interviews and investigation (e.g. marriage migrant visa), the evaluation process may take 1~2 months. Please refer to the notice board of the Diplomatic Office of submission for the duration of the visa issuance process. Each Diplomatic Office may require a different amount of time depending on the workload.