Affordable hotels to stay in Pyeongtaek-si

Lenuel Morales
3/23/2022 6:30:23 AM

Several hotels in Pyeongtaek-si offer proximity to local attractions, as well as family fun and activities. Visitors looking for where to stay in Pyeongtaek-si will find an assortment of properties that range from luxury accommodations to affordable guest rooms with convenient locations and amenities.

Ramada Pyeongtaek Hotel


Set on the scenic coast of the city, Ramada Pyeongtaek Hotel offers 476 rooms and a broad range of services, like daily housekeeping, a laundromat, and 24-hour security. The hotel is located about 20 minutes from the city center with easy access to Pyeongtaek-si’s most popular attractions. Guests who just want to relax and enjoy a quiet getaway will find the hotel’s surroundings refreshing and quiet. The hotel also is wheelchair accessible, making it a great choice for any visitor.

Centralperson Pyeongtaek Hotel


As the name suggest, Centralperson Pyeongtaek Hotel is located in Pyeongtaek-si city center, which makes it an ideal choice for tourists and business travelers. Guests have access toPyeongtaek-si’s best things to do, modern restaurants and popular malls while enjoying onsite facilities designed for comfort. The hotel offers business services, recreational facilities and 105 rooms.

New Songtan Hotel


This super affordable and conveniently located 3-star hotel is a top pick for travelers seeking luxury on a budget. New Songtan Hotel offers everything travelers need for a comfy stay, including daily housekeeping, free Wi-Fi, a laundromat, and even a kitchen. Express check-in and check-out also are available. The property features 100 rooms, a fitness center, and an indoor pool. Plus, it’s located near city center, which provides guests easy access to surrounding attractions.

Pyeongtaek Kabo Hotel


Guests who choose to stay at Pyeongtaek Kabo Hotel will be within walking distance of the city center while enjoying top-notch facilities at an affordable rate. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour security, daily housekeeping, and even postal services. A fitness center, sauna, indoor pool, and taxi services also are available for guests. If that’s not enough, Pyeongtaek Kabo Hotel also has a bowling alley.

M Motel Pyeongtaek


Travelers wanting to enjoy a round of golf and access to the city’s best attractions should book a stay at M Motel Pyeongtaek. The property sits just a few minutes from Osan Golf Course, and getting to many of the top things to do in Pyeongtaek-si is a cinch. Guests enjoy daily housekeeping, free Internet, 24-hour front desk service and express check-in and check-out. Non-smoking rooms are available as well.