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Activities in Pyeongtaek-si

Lenuel Morales

Pyeongtaek-si is a coastal city south of Seoul that provides a perfect getaway for travelers seeking nature parks, campgrounds and outdoor activities. Places to visit in Pyeongtaek-si span from modern botanical gardens to historic temples. Even in winter, the area features unforgettable hikes and seaside activities.

Pyeongtaek Lake Tourist Complex


For a well-rounded experience of culture and nature, visitors to this seaside city will want to spend some time at Pyeongtaek Lake Tourist Complex. The popular lake district not only showcases the area’s coastline but also pays tribute to Korean culture. The area contains a scenic promenade and an indoor performance hall where guests can enjoy traditional Korean music and performances. Outside, visitors are invited to stroll the lakeside or rent a bicycle and pedal around well-maintained trails. The lake also offers water activities, like rafting, windsurfing, and paddle boarding. Duck boats and motorboats also can be rented.

Pyeongtaek Natural Theme Botanical Garden


Located within Pyeongtaek Agricultural Technology Center, Pyeongtaek Natural Theme Botanical Garden provides a scenic retreat for nature lovers in the middle of the city. The garden is open year-round and features dozens of unique varieties of flora and fauna. It also is the site for an annual flower festival that takes place in late April and throughout May. Photo ops are abundant throughout the garden, even in the greenhouse, which contains more than 170 plant species. The best feature, however, might be that guests can enjoy Pyeongtaek Natural Theme Botanical Garden for free.

Simboksa Temple


Designated a national treasure, Simboksa (Simbogsa) Temple is one of the most historic – and smallest – temples in South Korea. The temple’s main feature is a legendary statue of Buddha, said to have either been found in the water or built by local fishermen in the 10th century. The temple was built specifically to enshrine the statue and today services as a working religious site and historic landmark in Pyeongtaek-si.

Jinwicheon Amusement Park


The park sits on the banks of Jinwi River and offers a view of nearby mountains as well as plenty of outdoor activities. Biking trails encircle the park, and a swimming area, basketball and jok-gu (Korean football) courts allow guests to enjoy some exercise. Jinwicheon Amusement Park also plays host to art exhibits, which are on display throughout the year, and several annual festivals during the summer and winter months.



Buraksan is a mountainous region on the eastern edge of Pyeongtaek-si that features easy hikes and beautiful scenery all year long. It also offers an incredible look into the area’s history. In ancient times, the natural ridgelines of the mountain were used as religious sites, where locals would often pray for male heirs. Today, natural beauty is the mountain’s main attraction and one of the best places to visit in Pyeongtaek-si. Guests can enjoy well-maintained walking trails that wind through wooded areas colored with native flowers like azaleas, lilacs, and forsythias.

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