Korea’s National Health Insurance system enables people to use medical institutions at a
discount by paying a certain amount of money every month according to income. Eligible
foreign nationals can also enroll in National Health Insurance for the same benefits.
Besides enjoying significant discounts, people on Korea’s National Health Insurance can also
have a free medical examination every two years.

Paying Premiums for National Health Insurance

  • People covered through their workplace
    Insurance premiums are deducted from the monthly salary
  • People insured individually
    A bill for the insurance premium is issued every month and the subscriber pays
    for it at bank or post office. Foreign nationals with F-1, F2 and F-5 visas are
    charged the same amount as Koreans. People who are married to Koreans are
    charged the same fee as Koreans regardless of the type of visa they hold.

    * If a person who is married to a Korean has a child born with Korean nationality and cannot pay insurance premiums due to financial difficulty, the Government of Korea will pay.