Register Your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to the Korea Customs Service in Advance to Protect them from IPR Infringement by others.

Pursuant to Article 235 of the Customs Act, an importer or exporter can protect his/her intellectual property rights (trademark rights, copyrights, variety protection rights, geographical indications rights, patent rights, and design rights) by registering them to a customs in advance during the import and export clearance stage.

Trade-Related IPR Protection Association (TIPA) is Entrusted in enrolling and managing IPR Registration Pursuant to the Customs Act.

Since April 1, 2010, all IPR registrations have been processed by TIPA. You can make IPR registration online (the TIPA intellectual property rights registration management system ( or by visiting (mailing) TIPA.

IPR Registration Procedure Flowchart

Through the Korea Customs Service electronic clearance system, IPR information declared and registered are shared with local customs houses, facilitating a swift crackdown on IPR infringement at the clearance stage.

After an IPR Registration, the IPR is Protected at Clearance Stage as Follows:

  • The flow of Withholding Clearance for Goods Infringing IPR