The city of Gwangyang will be covered with maehwa (also known as ume or apricot flower) during the nine-day festival which marks in its 16th year. Taking a simple stroll down a flower road will help visitors relish the mood of spring. At the festival, visitors can learn about the fruit of maehwa which is called maesil, also known as plum or apricot. Koreans consider maesil an important food ingredient and use them in a variety of foods ranging from pickles, kimchi, and vinegar to jam, juice, and alcohol; they even use maesil extract to stop diarrhea and help digestion as a folk remedy. Children and couples can enjoy the various programs, which include concerts, Nanta! (a non-verbal percussion musical) performance, a marathon, a bicycle race, a photo exhibition, a cooking contest, and local specialty tasting events.

Location: throughout the city of Gwangyang, South Jeolla Province