Immigrant investor schemes for public business

Luna Arseo
December 7, 2021
business_tip No. 2477

I want to know about the qualifications for the application of confirmation of e-visa issuance.

Denzel Ramos
December 6, 2021
visa No. 2384
Luna said, The confirmation of e-Visa issuance can be applied for by a foreigner under the categories below, or the inviting person on behalf of the applicant. - Professor (E-1), Foreign Language Instructor(E-2), Researcher (E-3), Technical Instructor/Technician Transfer (E-4), Professional Employment (E-5), Foreign National of Special Ability (E-7) under category 1 or 2 of the standard classification of occupations (National Statistical Office announcement 2007-3), Dependent Family(F-3) - Student (D-2) or Korean Language Trainee (D-4-1) - Non-professional (E-9), Maritime Crew (E-10) - Short/Long-Term Medical Tourist (C-3-3, G-1-10) - Short-term visit on invitation from a preferential company (C-3-6)

Clearance procedure when purchasing medicine (health functional food)

Luna Arseo
November 30, 2021
business_tip No. 2272

Scope of the traveler’s item

Luna Arseo
must_know No. 2242

Items that are restricted when leaving South Korea

Luna Arseo
November 24, 2021
share No. 2230

Finding a place to stay? BENIKEA!

Luna Arseo
November 2, 2021
homestay No. 1212

Visa Appointment Process

Luna Arseo
October 28, 2021
visa No. 1160

Traveling to Korea as a U.S. Citizen

Luna Arseo
October 27, 2021
visa No. 1049

Railroad Passes

Edgar Santiago
October 26, 2021
learn_korea No. 1006

Communication Tips

Edgar Santiago
learn_korea No. 997

Flea Markets in Seoul

Edgar Santiago
share No. 991

Medical Care

Edgar Santiago
flutter_app_main_learn_korea No. 989

Tourist Police: What are they, really?

Edgar Santiago
flutter_app_main_learn_korea No. 971

Tourist Information Centers

Edgar Santiago
flutter_app_main_learn_korea No. 967

Car Rental

Denzel Ramos
flutter_app_main_learn_korea No. 963

Housing options in Korea

Edgar Santiago
flutter_app_main_learn_korea No. 959

Visa-free Entry for non-Koreans

Edgar Santiago
learn_korea No. 951

Helpful telephone numbers

Luna Arseo
flutter_app_main_learn_korea No. 924

Getting a Korean Driver’s License

Luna Arseo
share No. 909

Things to know if you are planning to bring your pets to Korea

Denzel Ramos
October 25, 2021
share No. 897

What to know when bringing in a Vehicle while moving to Korea

Denzel Ramos
share No. 895

Shopping Etiquette/Culture

Luna Arseo
share No. 893

More of useful words and phrases for foreign travellers

Luna Arseo
share No. 891

Useful Korean hotlines incase of medical assistance

Denzel Ramos
share No. 861

Traveling By Bus

Denzel Ramos
share No. 858

Traveling by Train

Denzel Ramos
share No. 855

Taxies in Korea

Denzel Ramos
share No. 852

Study Korean

Cai Quijano
October 22, 2021
learn_korea No. 683

Useful Korean phrases

Luna Arseo
October 21, 2021
share No. 583

Service Institutions for Foreign Nationals

Edgar Santiago
share No. 546

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