Persons who committed the following minor offenses are sentenced to pay less than 100,000
won in fines, detention or minor fines. Fines refer to more than 50,000 won, while minor fines range from 2,000won to less than 50,000 won. Detention means the deprivation of liberty for one day to less than 30 days

  • Trespassing of Vacant Houses: persons who entered private premises which are vacant or
    neglected or their fence structures without any justifiable reasons.
  • Concealed Possession of Lethal Weapon: persons who carry a concealed knife, steel pipe or
    saw or other tools or instruments which can deal severe harm to the body and can be used to
    intrude into private premises or other structures, without any justifiable reasons.
  • Plotting of Assault: persons who are plotting to deal harm to others or did some preparations
    for the plot.
  • Coerced Sale of Goods or Noisy Solicitation of Customers: persons who force others to buy
    things they don’t want, who ask for money for an unrequested performance, or who make
    noise to solicit customers in a place where many people gather or pass by.
  • Unauthorized Posting of Advertisements: persons who post or attach advertisements, write
    letters, draw paintings or engrave them on the houses, artificial structures, cars of other
    people or groups, who put away, taint or destroy the advertisement sign and signboards, or
    artificial structures of others, or who distribute advertisement leaflets in public places,
    without permission.
  • Littering: persons who throw away cigarette stubs, gums, tissues, waste materials, dead
    animals, other useless or broken things, without consent, at an inappropriate location.
  • Urinating in Public: persons who spit, urinate or defecate in streets, parks or other public
    places, who abet others to do the same things, or who bring their dogs or other pet animals to
    defecate in public places and do not clean them up.
  • Destruction of Nature: persons who destruct the nature by picking up flowers or plants or
    excavating stones in parks, tourist attractions, recreation areas or other green fields or by
    engraving letters on rocks or woods.
  • Begging: persons who get financial gain by forcing others to beg and who beg for money in
    public places and interfere with the passage of other pedestrians or disturb them.
  • Drunken Disturbances: persons who disturb others or make noises with threatening languages
    or behaviors under influence of alcohol in public halls, theaters, restaurants or other places
    where many people gather or pass by or in trains, buses, ferries, other public transportation
    where many people ride together, without any justifiable reasons.
  • Over-exposure of the Body: persons who embarrass or discomfort others by over-exposing
    their body or exposing his/her privy parts in the public places in public places.
  • Jump in the Queue; persons who get ahead at the expense of others who are waiting to buy
    bus or ferry tickets or entrance tickets by jumping the queue or who disturb the order of the
    line, or who disturb others by pushing in the queue.
  • Forced Entry: persons who enter a restricted area, facility or place without any justifiable
  • Mischievous Manipulation of Guns or etc.: persons who do not pay due attention in handling or
    playing with guns, bombs or other explosives in a public place where many people gather or pass by.
  • Free Ride and Jumping on Restaurant Bills: persons who get a free ride on vehicles or vessels
    without paying for fares or who do not pay fair financial compensation for the food after eating
    it in a restaurant or other places.

The persons who committed the following minor offenses are sentenced to pay less than
200,000 won in fines, detention or minor fines.

  • Inappropriate Publishing of Controversial Content: persons who receive money or merchandize
    in return for a promise to publish or do not publish articles in newspapers, magazines or other
    forms of publications, in unlawful favor of other people or groups.
  • Fraudulent Advertisement: persons who cheat others or give them misleading information,
    when they are selling or distributing merchandise.
  • Hindrance of Others’ Businesses: persons who hinder the business of other people and
    groups or who interfere with a public official who is in the exercise of his or her duty.
  • Ticket Scalping: persons who resell entrance tickets, transportation tickets or embarkation
    tickets to others to get secure premium at performance facilities, sports stadiums, passenger
    harbors, bus terminals, etc.

Persons who committed the following minor offenses are sentenced to pay less than 600,000
won in fines, detention or minor fines.

  • Drunken disturbances in public administrative office: persons who are under influence
    of alcohol and causing disturbance with offensive words and behaviors in the public
    administrative offices.
  • Fraudulent Report: persons who make a fraudulent report of crime or natural disaster to the
    public employee.