• University or master's degree in chemical engineering or related field preferred
  • 1-3 years of work experience for large organizations in chemicals industry
  • Strong understanding of relevant content area (e.g. industry sector, functional topic)
  • Basic understanding of research techniques, information source, and statistical analysis/analytic techniques
  • Strong analytical/quantitative skills
  • Strong proficiency in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and relevant analytics/statistical packages
  • Track record of producing high quality documents and proposals
  • Strong interpersonal skills; good team player
  • Solid problem-solving capabilities and effective prioritization
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English and Korean

What You'll Do

You will work with internal and external clients on Global Energy & Materials (GEM) topics, in cooperation with our worldwide network of consultants to shape McKinsey's thinking in this area.

In this role, you will continuously develop your own knowledge, as well as that of the firm. You'll predominantly focus on engagements in oil & gas, electric power/natural gas and chemicals & agriculture. You may work more in one of these industries depending on your experience and/or desire to specialize.

You will perform end-to-end research to help solve specific business problems. You will work on client projects as a consultant on a workstream in your area of expertise to provide short-term support delivering key insights on content-focused questions. You will also provide content knowledge to consulting teams in your area of expertise, driving analysis to provide unique insights to consulting teams or clients.

Lastly, you will support the development and maintenance of capabilities (including assets, knowledge, tools, fact packs, case studies, primers) in your area of expertise.

Who You'll Work With

You’ll be based in Seoul, Korea as part of the Global Energy & Materials (GEM) group. This is the firm's largest industry practice and encompasses four industry cells Basic Materials, Chemicals & Agriculture, Electric Power & Natural Gas and Oil & Gas.

Seniority level

Employment type

Job function
Consulting, Engineering, and Manufacturing

Chemicals, Oil and Gas, and Management Consulting

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